Drive more revenue with email + SMS marketing that delights your customers.

Elegant visuals, captivating storytelling, and a data-driven strategy that aligns with your vision – this is how we drive meaningful and sustainable results for your business.

Earn More With Email + SMS

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Our partners earned over $20,000,000 in additional sales in 2023 through email and SMS alone.

Whether you’re a publicly traded company or just starting out, we can launch, build, and optimize your email marketing strategy using time-tested tactics. Your customers will love the emails and you'll love the results.

Here’s how...

Email and SMS Strategy
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Real growth starts with a rock-solid game plan. Together, we'll meticulously craft an email and SMS marketing strategy that meets your goals and maintains the integrity of your brand's story. We'll never compromise your vision for a quick buck – lasting growth is the modus operandi of Foundation Creative.

Email Design & Copy
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Simple, elegant design coupled with compelling copywriting is the key to our consistently strong conversion rates. Your brand's image and voice will be optimized to stand out in your customer's inbox (and mind).

SMS Copy
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Texts can be tricky. No one wants a sales pitch every time their phone vibrates. Your SMS messages will be different.

We've mastered the subtle art of genuine-feeling SMS marketing that your customers will enjoy and actually respond to. And the numbers don't lie – our SMS strategy increases Klaviyo attributed revenue by an average of 10%.

Klaviyo Implementation
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Klaviyo is our command center. Here, we build your campaigns and flows to ensure the right customers receive the right message at the right time.

We merge Klaviyo's powerful toolset with your current app stack to create lasting growth. The data we collect over time lets us know what to do – and how to adjust – to reliably grow your bottom line.

A/B Testing & Optimization
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We're not the "set it and forget it" type. Our track record shows that real, lasting growth is only achieved with constant monitoring of performance, refined data analysis, ongoing improvements, and regular communication with you – our partner.

If email and SMS marketing don't make up 20-30% of your revenue, you're leaving money on the table.

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38% Email + SMS-Attributed Revenue

We ramped up the sending cadence for this client over Black Friday and Cyber Monday to capitalize on the time of year when buyer intent is at its highest. We sent a healthy mix of campaigns (VIP sales, plain text, last chance, etc.) at an accelerated rate. The results exceeded expectations. At that frequency, diversity of content was essential—keeping things fresh is how we retain and motivate your customers.

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31% Email + SMS-Attributed Revenue

Over a six-month period, we helped this rapidly-growing client boost their Klaviyo-attributed revenue by nearly 700%. How? Consistent campaigns, a robust series of automated flows, and continuous testing and optimization. We also launched their SMS program, which generated an additional $30,000 in sales during this period.

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33% Email-Attributed Revenue

In just one year of partnership, we increased this client’s Klaviyo-attributed revenue by 62%.  We implemented critical revenue-generating email flows, deployed consistent, compelling campaigns, and applied email design best practice such as clear hierarchy and call-to-actions. This, coupled with close collaboration with the client and ongoing testing and optimization efforts, led to game-changing growth for this small business.

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57% Email Attributed Revenue

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a uniquely critical time of year for email marketing. During this period, customers are highly motivated to spend—meaning this normally conservative client could safely and effectively adopt a more aggressive approach. We encouraged this client to increase their sending cadence, resulting in a 537% increase in email revenue compared to a typical month.

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Hugo Tea


Average monthly revenue from Klaviyo over the first four months


Increase in email flow click rate compared to their existing flows


Return on Hugo Tea’s investment with us through the first four months

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We Ball Sports


Increase in flow revenue after implementing our overhaul


WBS’s average return on investment for our monthly retainer


Increase in total email revenue

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Return on Novix’s investment achieved in just one month after our initial overhaul


Shopify revenue attributed to email and SMS

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Shopify revenue attributed to email


Average year-over-year growth in email-attributed revenue

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Foundation has been our creative team’s secret weapon. I look back at the year and wonder how we would have survived without them. Not only did they shoulder a massive workload, but also elevated our brand’s creative visuals and identity. Finding designers who are fair, good humans, and insanely talented is extremely difficult to do, but Foundation proves they do exist.

Justin Lake
Creative Director, Solo Stove

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We enjoyed a 30% revenue increase in just a few weeks. Their results have inspired positive changes to our marketing model across the board, and our outcomes are undeniable. Best of all, these people are just plain friendly. They feel like part of the team, and at 5 pm, you'll wish you could grab a beer with these guys.
We trust them with our meticulously designed brand. You should too.

Logan Hayes
Marketing Director, Hugo Tea

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I hired an upwork freelancer that did a terrible job, $4,500 of pure regret. Foundation Creative came in and saved the day. Having compared Foundation's work with two previous email marketers that I paid a pretty penny for, I realized they are extremely knowledgeable. We will continue building our brands out with Foundation Creative. Thank you!

Jawad Ihmoud
Founder, Idrese

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Partnering with Foundation Creative has been a wonderful experience defined by exceptional communication and design output. Their skill in conveying ideas seamlessly and responding promptly has not only saved me time but has also contributed to an incredibly smooth collaboration.

Alex Novak
Founder, HuntReminder

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