It all started 27 years ago on the soccer fields of South Pasadena, where two teammates kicked off a friendship.

While those fields may not have taught us earth-shattering soccer skills – shout out to all the parent-coaches – they taught us many things. (Oh, and by ‘us’, we mean ‘us’, the guys in the photos below. Josh, left, and Mitchell, right).

Those fields taught us the value of exploring new areas of interest. They taught us the value of teamwork and communication. And they taught us the value of sweating the details, literally.

Fast forward nearly three decades, we’ve gathered years of experience in various creative fields, spanning graphic design, e-commerce, video production, branding, and marketing. (Not to mention short stints in accounts payable and bussing tables). With our respective work backgrounds and shared life lessons, we’ve come together to start Foundation with the sole purpose of designing great products for great people.

Let’s build, together.