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The Challenge
Novix Outdoors had strong online sales figures, but their revenues from email marketing were lagging behind. With a customer base loyal to Novix's well-reviewed product line, a reinvigorated email strategy would motivate buyers to spend more, and more frequently. They had also identified a need to migrate from Omnisend to Klaviyo, which would enable them to access more robust features to upgrade automated email flows, refine aesthetics, and improve overall performance.
The Solution

In our audit of Novix's email marketing strategy, we noticed an inconsistent campaign sending cadence, unoptimized flows, and room for improvement in their email designs . After seamlessly migrating to Klaviyo, we built out the critical flows: welcome series, abandoned cart, browse abandonment, etc. Then, leveraging their strong brand identity, we created an elevated design system and established varied campaign types to achieve consistency while avoiding repetition. After this initial setup, we created and managed an ongoing email campaign calendar and implemented best practices across the board to optimize performance. Finally, we implemented a complementary SMS strategy to further drive revenue.

The Results


Return on Novix’s investment achieved in just one month after our initial overhaul


Shopify revenue attributed to email and SMS

Email Designs

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The clients say

Partnering with Foundation Creative has been a wonderful experience defined by exceptional communication and design output. Their skill in conveying ideas seamlessly and responding promptly has not only saved me time but has also contributed to an incredibly smooth collaboration.

Alex Novak


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Shopify revenue attributed to email


Average year-over-year growth in email-attributed revenue

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Hugo Tea


Average monthly revenue from Klaviyo over the first four months


Increase in email flow click rate compared to their existing flows


Return on Hugo Tea’s investment with us through the first four months

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