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The Challenge
Hugo Tea is a gourmet tea importer with a highly polished brand. The vast majority of their revenue was coming from their wholesale business and they wanted to focus on growing their DTC side. We needed to design an email strategy from the ground up that would quickly prove effective while maintaining their carefully curated brand image.
The Solution

We started by setting up their Klaviyo account and carefully migrating all of their data from MailChimp. We then overhauled their email captures to rapidly grow their mailing list. Next, we built a fresh design system with flexible templates to suit varied campaign types, using elevated elements from the client's style guide. While designing and building the updated emails, we implemented proven best practices— proper content hierarchy, clear CTA's, and compelling copy. Next, we created critical automated email flows (welcome, abandoned cart, post-purchase, etc.) that drove consistent revenue while also increasing. AOV.

Once these flows were in place, we shifted our attention to establishing an effective campaign sending strategy to drive additional revenue and further nurture email subscribers.

The Results


Average monthly revenue from Klaviyo over the first four months


Increase in email flow click rate compared to their existing flows


Return on Hugo Tea’s investment with us through the first four months

Email Designs

Three Hugo tea emails
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The clients say

We enjoyed a 30% revenue increase in just a few weeks. Their results have inspired positive changes to our marketing model across the board, and our outcomes are undeniable. Best of all, these people are just plain friendly. They feel like part of the team, and at 5 pm, you'll wish you could grab a beer with these guys.
We trust them with our meticulously designed brand. You should too.

Logan Hayes

Marketing Director

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